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Oct 8, 2012 4:55am EDT
. played defense and pitched. it was fun to watch. >> reporter: he was proud of his players. the players are talking about how proud they are of the fans. jones treated out it was literally a bone chilling o during the national anthem. who would expect anything less. he said his mother cried after the national anthem and ravens safety, ed reed, says he tweeted out, it's not over. who better to say that? game two tonight, first pitch set for 8:00. lynette, we are watching you, we can't have showers tonight. it's going to be chilly enough as it is. job charles will throw out the first pitch. the city fire department will bring out the colors for everyone to see. >>> a high school student shot at perry hall high school, got to throw out the first pitch. his guidance counselor tossed the ball. he was is not the cafeteria. the guidance counselor is credited with tackling the gunman and keeping everyone safe. >>> we have a special section on our website, dedicated to the orioles magic of the season. log on to abc 2, finds the latest o's news and pictures, everything you want,
Oct 10, 2012 4:55am EDT
you can tell them not to worry. vaccinations are the best defense against the influenza virus but luckily now there are other options to avoid the shot altogether. >> we do now have a nasal mist spray that can be used and that form is routinely recommended or can be given to any child two years of age and older who was otherwise healthy. >> flu mist is made with live influenza viruses but they are weakened and they won't actually give your child the fluch the only one side effect your child may experience is a runny nose. >>> politics aside if you admire sarah palin's if a seek this may inspire you. the former vice presidential candidate working on a new fitness book. it's about being healthy and self-disciplineed while enjoying comfort foods. however, it's causing controversy because here's a recent picture of her. we want to show it to you. she is looking pretty thin and some are concerned she much weight. no word this morning about when you can pick up a copy of the book but she says she and her family are working on it. >>> more confusion over the attack that killed four ameri
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2